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Fast, Simple, Fully Digital Personal Loans

Financing when you need it. Emkan Finance offers a robust, gamechanging digital lending solution that makes it possible to provide the fastest personal microloans at low interest, without the tedious paperwork, and no guarantors and sponsors required. Once approved, the funding amount is delivered within minutes through fully digital channels.

The entire loan process happens at your fingertips. Apply for a loan, get approval, track and get the money using just a mobile phone, with options to transact via our website or our branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With Emkan, obtaining financial well-being and peace of mind has been easier.

Explore the personal finance solutions you can get right now with Emkan Finance.



Our microfinance service delivers urgent, crucial finance solutions to Saudi nationals through a robust lending solution.

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Top-Up Finance

Customers can obtain top-up financing over and above their existing loans under certain conditions and benefits, at up to 50% deduction rate.

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Why Emkan ?

Emkan is committed to fulfilling your financing needs through easy and quick solutions that are compliant with Islamic finance laws and under the authority and supervision of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.


The Easiest

Enjoy the convenience of digital solutions every step of the way.


The Quickest

Our conditions and procedures ensure that you obtain the necessary finance within the shortest period.


Best Choice

Get access to the right option for your needs through innovative and diversified finance solutions.

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