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Emkan financing company offers: Micro Financing and Additional (top-up) Financing if the customer has a current loan.

– Ages from 20 to 60 years.

– The duration of service for the Government and Semi-Government sector is 1 – 3 months

– The duration of service for the private sector is 3 – 12 months.

All EMKAN’s products are compliant with Islamic sharia.

No, a sponsor is not required.

Direct debit (transfer to an account or automatic?)and SADAD biller service.

Emkan only offers personal finance currently, we don’t offer mortgage and home finance. (But you can get the cash and pay for whatever you need)

Currently, it is not possible. When Emkan launches the expats financing product, It’ll be announced accordingly.

Yes, it’s called TOP-UP or additional financing. But the approval depends on the credit policy.


Total Financing amount – profit amount + financing profits for the next three months.

2000 SR for employed customers, and 1900 SR for retirees.

2000 SR for all clients, and 1900 SR for retirees.

The maximum amount is 50,000 SAR.

1,500,000 SAR for private-sector employees, and 2,000,000 SAR for government sector employees.

Yes, you can.

2% per month.

Depends on the Financing amount, it starts from 7.49% per month.

5 years ( 60 months ) is the maximum period.

2 years = 24 months.

It is not available now.

Through EMKAN branches, calling 920011038 or using EMKAN’s mobile application.

No, it is not required.